THINK THIS, NOT THAT #3: Is the Holy Spirit Really God? The Trinity, As Defined in Constantinople I

The first council of Constantinople was convened in 381 A.D. in—guess where?—Constantinople.  It was convened by Theodosius, with the goal of uniting the church upon the basis of the orthodox faith.  But travel was  difficult at that time, and despite Theodosius’ good intentions, the council was poorly attended—with no Western bishops or legates in attendance.  Only a few bishops from Egypt attended, and they arrived late.  In reality, then, the council was only a synod of bishops from Thrace, As … [Read more...]

Trying Youthful Felons As Adults: Is This the Right Thing to Do?

Security guard Joseph Lewis

In the news today:  A fifteen-year-old Detroit teen has been sentenced to 14 to 30 years in prison for his role in the murder of a security guard in a church parking lot.And yes, the young man—Anthony Williams of Detroit—is guilty.  He and his friend, 18-year-old Alandre Boone, were charged as adults for the shooting death of 84-year-old Joseph  Lewis in an attempted robbery on May 9.  Lewis, described as a kindly man who wanted to help others, had been guarding the Victory Way Assembly Churc … [Read more...]