Look Out! Catholic Bloggers Take Baltimore by Storm!

Representing the Patheos Catholic Portal (L-R):  Lisa Hendey, Deacon Greg Kandra, Leah Libresco, Mark Shea, Tom McDonald and (down in front) Kathy Schiffer

The Bishops and Bloggers Meeting was a blast!The meeting began with a presentation of the just-released report by CARA (the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate), entitled “Catholic New Media Use in the United States, 2012.”The researchers interviewed 1,047 self-identified Catholics in September 2012 on the topic of their media use.    There was some concern that the Church may not be connecting with its public as well as it might be.  As evidence, presenter and study author Dr. … [Read more...]

In Baltimore, the Wheels Are Turning….

View from my hotel window of Baltimore's scenic Inner Harbor

Day Two in Baltimore. Well, that depends on how you look at it: The U.S. Bishops’ 2012 Fall General Assembly doesn’t officially convene until tomorrow.This weekend, though, the bishops are busy in committees and subcommittees and liturgies, finalizing the reports which will be brought before the full Assembly in the next couple of days.The media office has not yet opened, and I’ve not received the full schedule of activities; but I can give you a quick “heads up” regarding some of the thi … [Read more...]