Little Girls, Big Animals, and Forgiveness


Last month in Orlando, eight-year-old Jillian Thomas was bit by a dolphin, suffering three dime-sized puncture wounds to the wrist.Jillian’s father was filming her as she fed fish to the dolphins at Sea World’s Dolphin Cove.  He was still filming as the dolphin leaped out of the water toward the plate of fish she held in the air, and chomped firmly on her arm.  That video has played again and again on television news shows and on the Internet since the November 21 incident.What struck me … [Read more...]

From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart: A Former Evangelical Learns to Love the Catholic Church

Willow Creek

Chris Haw’s journey—from lukewarm Catholicism, into earnest Evangelicalism, and finally to a renewed and vigorous Catholic faith—is a familiar one.Like Chris, I too was raised in a Catholic home but was drawn away from the Catholic faith in early adulthood.  Peer pressure, lack of understanding, personal pride, and the tumultuous ‘60s came together in a perfect storm of  dissent—and for a number of years, I scarcely looked back at the 2,000-year-old tradition I’d left behind.When I did ex … [Read more...]