THE O ANTIPHONS and the Beatles: Great Secrets Revealed?


First, I mean no disrespect—but if you are a theologian or a historian or a liturgist, please pop in here to explain something for me.I’ve been reading about the O ANTIPHONS, those profound anticipatory verses from Isaiah which, in the Catholic tradition, are read at Vespers from December 17 through December 23, leading up to the Christmas season.  Lovely prayers, most certainly!  But over and over in the literature, as an after-note, I read that the first letters of the seven Antiphons, wh … [Read more...]

What’s So Offensive About a Nativity Set?

Nativity - offensive

This year, I’ve been shopping for a Nativity Set.  I intended to give it as a gift to someone who doesn’t have one.  I didn’t need a handmade ceramic one, or a signed Fontanini original—in fact, an inexpensive but unique crèche would just fit the bill.  But this is what I’ve found:At Hallmark Cards, you can buy penguins and a coffee mug or a time capsule—but you can’t find Baby Jesus in the manger. At Target, you can top your "holiday tree" with a space capsule or a blue owl, but a Christm … [Read more...]