Feeling Dusty? The Vatican Can Solve That….

Sistine Chapel

According to the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, Antonio Paolucci, director of the Vatican Museums, has introduced plans to “dust, clean and chill” visitors as they enter the Museum’s hallowed galleries.Paolucci announced that a shoe-cleaning carpet will be installed along the hundred metres leading to the entrance of the Museum.  Along both sides of the walkway, suction vents will draw dust from clothing and lower the temperature, to remove body heat and humidity.  “Dust, heat, … [Read more...]

Tattoos Gone Awry


From the guys over at humortrain.com:  A grammar lesson for tattoo artists everywhere.The Purdue OWL Online Writing Lab explains the problem: "A" goes before words that begin with consonants.a cat a dog a purple onion a buffalo a big apple"An" goes before words that begin with vowels:an apricot an egg an Indian an orbit an uprisingExceptions Use "an" before unsounded "h." And yes, God is awesome. … [Read more...]