The Holy Family: There’s No Place Like Home!

In The Wizard of Oz, a homesick young Dorothy clicks her heels together and exclaims, “There’s no place like home!  There’s no place like home!”Mary and Joseph must have felt the same way, when they finally settled into their routine in Nazareth.  First there was that arduous trip to Bethlehem for the census and the frantic search for lodging.  Joseph had been forced to make their bed in a lowly stable—and there, as darkness fell in that faraway land, Mary’s labor began and she delivered her … [Read more...]

SMASHING TURTLES: Clemson Student Uncovers a Dark Side of Human Nature

Turtle crossing road

Why did the turtle cross the road?Changing habitat, mating instinct, egg laying….  There are plenty of reasons why a healthy young box turtle would set out for adventure on the other side of a busy roadway.Problem is, the population of South Carolina’s box turtles has declined—in part because of the reptile’s propensity for strolling out into traffic.When Clemson University student Nathan Weaver, a 22-year-old senior in the School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences, st … [Read more...]