WORLD COMMUNICATIONS DAY: Use Social Media for Good, Pope Says

Pope on Twitter

YES to logic, kindness and Christian witness.NO to bluster, star-status and division.YES to dialogue, reasoned debate and logical argumentation.NO to an aggressive and divisive atmosphere. That’s Pope Benedict XVI’s vision for the appropriate use of social media, according to his message for World Communications Day.  The message was released on January 26, the feast of St. Francis de Sales, patron of journalists.Monsignor Paul Tighe, secretary of the Pontifical Coun … [Read more...]

Bible and Billiards: Churches as Community Centers

Kensington Church, a megachurch in Troy, Michigan

A travel agency.  A drive-through coffee shop.  Zumba classes. In southeastern Michigan and across the nation, places of worship are expanding their offerings to meet the needs of their congregants, to appeal to a wider audience of believers, and to generate revenue through new sources.A recent article in the Detroit News lists some of the more prominent megachurches which have developed new, fun-filled mid-week activities and services.Some of the programs—a Job Seekers group for the … [Read more...]