Do Not Preach Like This….

Angry preacher

Priests and deacons:Do not do this.  Ever.Do not ever embarrass or harrass your parishioners, making a jerk of yourself while you run some poor guy into the ground.Hat tip to the fascinating website 22 Words, which brought this to my attention.! … [Read more...]

Should You Support the Walk For Babies?


Spoiler alert:  NO.Across America, communities are gearing up for the 2013 Walk For Babies.  A fundraising initiative of the nonprofit March of Dimes, the Walk For Babies is purportedly intended to help prevent premature births.I remember my own mother marching in the March of Dimes campaign in the 1950s.  Up and down the street, people turned on their porch lights to indicate that they were ready to help in the campaign.  I helped to count the dimes Mom collected from neighbors on our bl … [Read more...]