On Day Two, Pope Francis Jump-Starts Catholic-Jewish Relations

Pope Francis 2

Pope Francis continues to surprise.  On March 15, the second full day of his papacy, he signaled his desire to move forward the dialogue between Jews and Catholics which had its start during the Second Vatican Council.In a message to Dr. Riccardo Di Segni, the Chief Rabbi of Rome, the Holy Father said,“On this day of my election as Bishop of Rome and Pastor of the Universal Church, I send you my cordial greetings, informing you that the solemn inauguration of my pontificate will take pl … [Read more...]

He’s Everywhere! Pope Francis Charts a New Course

Pope Francis in the crowd

It’s going to be hard to hold this pope down!  With the popemobile nowhere in sight, he’s stepped into the crowds to greet the faithful, shaking hands and kissing babies along the way.He’s reached down to stroke the fur of a service dog.He’s emerged as @Pontifex on Twitter, sending his first greeting to his nearly 2 million followers on Twitter.  (The old tweets from Pope emeritus Benedict XVI have been deleted.) … [Read more...]