UPDATE: Facing Backlash, Planned Parenthood Rejects the Scandalous Testimony of Their Own Spokesperson

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Last week, I and others in media reported on the scandalous testimony of Planned Parenthood spokesperson Alisa LaPolt Snow before a committee of the Florida Legislature.Ms. Snow, asked by Florida State Senator Jim Boyd what Planned Parenthood would do if a child were born alive  following a failed abortion, expressed the conviction that any decision [whether to kill the child] should remain between the woman and her doctor.  The interview deteriorated, with Ms. Snow averring that an abortion … [Read more...]

ACTION ITEM: One More Chance to Speak Out on HHS Mandate

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OH MY GOSH, I almost forgot to tell you about this!You are invited to submit comments regarding the latest version of the HHS Mandate; but the deadline for feedback is next Monday, April 8, at midnight.  Could you work fast and get your comments in?In the first comment period, conservatives flooded the mailbox with logical comments about the Constitution and the right of conscience.  It’s time to do it again!In February, the White House supposedly modified the HHS Mandate—expanding th … [Read more...]