SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL FOR GOD: Has First Communion Fashion Gone Over the Top?

First Communion Dress 4

Antique lace appliqués detail the silk bodice and cascade down the skirt of a tea-length dress.  Five layers of gathered tulle create a voluminous A-line silhouette. MOMS AND DADS:  This is one of those times when I really want to know what YOU think!I heard a story this week from a friend, a teacher at a Catholic elementary school, about current trends in First Communion fashion.  My friend made the point—correctly, it seems to me—that the significance of this holy occasion has been dwarfed … [Read more...]

U.S. Military Counts Catholics Among Dangerous Extremists?

"Religious Extremism" - Slide 24 of U.S. Army Reserve training program (Enlarge to read more clearly)

QUESTION:  Al Qaeda, Hamas, Catholics and the KKK.  What do these groups have in common?ANSWER:  All of these groups are “dangerous extremists” according to the United States Military.In a training program for military reservists, the U.S. Army Reserve has included Catholics in a bulleted list of religious extremists.  Explaining “extremism” for their new recruits, the military training slide explains: Extremism is a complex phenomenon; it is defined as beliefs, attitudes, feelings, acti … [Read more...]

God and Goldfish: Inspiration from Your Friends at Pepperidge Farm

Goldfish cracker 2

The Internet’s been abuzz this week with news that Patti Burke, a cracker-lovin’ woman from Melbourne, Florida, has had a message from God.During Holy Week, the earnest Christian woman opened a package of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (she eats two to three pounds of them every week) and discovered that one of her crackers was misshapen—and that the oddly fashioned cracker featured a cross and a crown.Sure that she had received a sign from God, Burke called the company, where an employee confi … [Read more...]