Santorum’s Speaking…. No, He’s Not… Yes, He Is!

Rick Santorum

The news was exciting:  2012 Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum was going to speak to an all-school assembly at Grosse Pointe South High School.Santorum, a Catholic social conservative who opposes same-sex marriage, had been invited by the student group Young Americans for Freedom, an organization of politically conservative students which has active chapters in both of Grosse Pointe, Michigan’s public high schools, Grosse Pointe North and South.  Young Americans for Freedom had … [Read more...]

Analytics Is a Siren

Pride 3

I subscribe to Google Analytics.That means that I know everything about You, the Readers of this blog:  Where you live, what you read, whether you’ve been here before or you’re a first-time visitor, how many minutes you hover reading “Seasons of Grace” in the morning….And I’ve come to regard my fascination with statistics as sinful.It’s gratifying to know that more people around the world know about what’s going on in this blogspace than knew, say, a year ago.  Insatiable, my ego clam … [Read more...]