Bending Gender: Breast-Feeding Dads, Chaplain Nuns

Gender equality

In a relativistic, anything-goes and anything-means-anything culture, the demand for gender equality is increasingly strident.First to clarify:  As a woman, I believe fiercely in gender equity.  That is, I believe that a woman who performs a job should receive the same wage as a man who performs the same job.  (This concept must be more clearly explained to the current occupant of the White House, who recently declared “Equal Pay Day” although the Obama Administration pays its male workers 13 … [Read more...]

Townspeople Mourn as Gothic Saint-Jacques d’Abbeville Comes Tumbling Down

Saint-Jacques l Abbeville

It’s a sad week for French Catholics, as the church of Saint-Jacques falls prey to the wrecking ball.For 140 years the church of Saint-Jacques d’Abbeville—a great Gothic landmark in northwestern France, on the Somme river in the Picardy region—has called people to prayer.  Saint-Jacques was built in the Gothic style in 1868-76; and its tower bell, called “Jacqueline”, is much older—dating back to 1737.During the First World War, the church and its steeple survived many attacks, even while … [Read more...]