Bar Codes in the Darnedest Places!

QR on Head

When I was a child, we played with chalk.  We signed our names, we sketched daisies and diamonds and puppy dogs.  Left to our own devices on carefree summer days, we personalized our world.  Like the raucous undergrads who sneaked out and painted The Rock on Washtenaw Avenue, near the University of Michigan campus, we altered our environment simply to show that We. Were. There.But in 2012, sidewalk chalk has been trumped by a new, technological signature:  the QR code.  QR codes are similar t … [Read more...]

The Religious and the Excremental: Holy Sh*t


Melissa Mohr seems to have hit the jackpot with her new book Holy Sh*t:  A Brief History of Swearing.  Right at the offset, she pulls in a generous five stars on Amazon for her exhaustive compendium of trash talk, in which she chronicles the history of vulgarity regarding human sexual organs and various human excreta. I DON’T GET IT. Operating on the theme of “So many books, so little time”, I can’t see spending another quarter-hour immersed in the analysis of obscenity in the Renaissance and t … [Read more...]