The Mall of America, the Ladybug, and the Queenship of Mary

Ladybird beetle

I love the Mall of America!  Well, actually, I have two favorite spots there:  I love the restaurant at Nordstrom’s, where  they serve up a great salmon salad with a smile.  And down the aisle, I love to catch a good bargain at Nordstrom’s Rack, where designer-quality clothing and housewares can be found at discount-store prices.  And of course, the amusement park that fills the center court is a great spot for people-watching!I’ve just read, though, that the Mall of America now has one more … [Read more...]

Swift’s Modest Proposal, Revisited: Eating Our Children (UPDATED)

Jonathan Swift

“I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled ...” Sometime in about my sophomore year in high school, our literature class studied Satire, that literary genre in which vices and shortcomings are exaggerated and held up to ridicule, with the goal of shaming individuals and society into improvement.  Satire is so prep … [Read more...]

Learning From The Best: Imitating Our Heavenly Mother

Imitating Mary - book cover

Children learn by example—and who better to emulate than one’s own mother?A mother teaches her children so many things:  how to tie their shoes, how to help with the dishes and clean their rooms, how to jump a rope and to control one’s temper.  But the most important lessons are not in the realm of academics or athletics or even culture; rather, the mother’s greatest task is to impart virtue.And our heavenly Mother Mary is the best model of all.Marge Fenelon reminds us of that in her … [Read more...]