7-Year-Old Steals Car to Avoid Going to Church


I’d love to tell you that my children, when they were young, always loved going to church…. But no. They were pretty virtuous youngsters, and I was immensely proud of them; but sometimes they were in the middle of a game with friends or they were watching TV, and they just didn’t want to get in the car and drive to Mass.  We did it anyway; they were not permitted to miss; but I hated that it sometimes seemed that I was “punishing” them by requiring that they attend the Sunday liturgy, when t … [Read more...]

Breathtaking Disrespect: Pope-Emeritus Benedict Portrayed in Condoms

Pope Benedict made of condoms

I’m speechless. In a convergence of chutzpah and bad taste, Shorewood (WI) artist Niki Johnson has used 17,000 multi-colored condoms to create a larger-than-life portrait of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.  She has titled the creation “Eggs Benedict”.Just like the fawning ministers in Hans Christian Andersen’s tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, modern-day art critics have reacted to the art piece with enthusiasm.  Critics from the United States and around the world have called the work, which … [Read more...]