New European Initiative Insists: The Human Embryo Is “ONE OF US”

One of Us

A million signatures.That’s the ambitious goal of the non-denominational European campaign “One of Us”.  Organizers of the grassroots initiative hope to persuade the European Union to debate and then vote on whether to protect the human embryo from unregulated scientific experimentation.The “One of Us” campaign began in May 2012, and will continue until November 1.  By that time, organizers hope to collect the required one million signatures from at least seven of the 27 member states in … [Read more...]

Gosnell Is Guilty! Should He Be Executed?

Electric chair

On May 13, after seven days of deliberations, a federal jury has found abortionist Kermit Gosnell guilty of three counts of first-degree murder (in the deaths of Babies A, C and E, who were born alive and then killed by having their spinal cords “snipped” with scissors) and one count of second-degree murder (in the death of an adult woman).  Baby A, the largest, was estimated to be 29 weeks gestation, and was so large that clinic workers took photographs before his life was snuffed out by Gosn … [Read more...]