Corpus Christi—Beautiful Imagery From Around the World

Corpus Christi procession in Valencia, Spain

This week the Catholic Church celebrated the Feast of Corpus Christi, the feast instituted in the thirteenth century by Pope Urban IV to honor the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  Here in the United States, the feast was celebrated on Sunday; but in Italy and many other countries, the faithful marked the celebration on Thursday.In Rome, Pope Francis led a crowd of about 20,000 pilgrims in a traditional Corpus Christi procession through the streets from the Basilica of St. John … [Read more...]

Racist Vitriol Against Cheerios for Interracial Ad


A Cheerios ad featuring an interracial family has drawn a spate of racist comments, forcing maker General Mills to disable comments on its most recent YouTube video.In the thirty-second ad, a young girl asks her white mother whether Cheerios are really good for the heart.  The mother responds affirmatively; and in the next scene, a black father wakes from a nap to find Cheerios piled on his chest.  The ad ends with the word “Love” against a background evocative of the cereal’s familiar yellow … [Read more...]