All Wrong, All the Time: The Tawdry Literature of Nicolas Restif

Nicolas Restif

Dirty books, quickly and carelessly written—almost 200 of them.That’s the legacy of Nicolas-Edme Restif de la Bretonne, prolific French author whose works showcased the sordid aspects of French life and society in the 18th century.  Restif’s writings included a plan for legalizing and regulating prostitution, as well as a vast array of novels, plays, and essays on a wide range of topics.His 16-volume autobiography, Monsieur Nicolas, begins with stories of sexual experiences beginning in e … [Read more...]

In England, the Rosary in Bronze

Bronze plaque St. Dominic

On Thursday, Dominicans and art aficionados will watch with interest as a 16th century bronze plaque hits the auction block in Dorchester, England.Duke’s Auctioneers in Dorchester will auction a 9x11” plaque which depicts the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus distributing rosaries while St. Dominic preaches, holding a rosary in each hand.  The bronze plaque—which was probably crafted by a Venetian sculptor—is in excellent condition, and is expected to bring £600 to £1,200 ($700 to $1,400) in th … [Read more...]