Holy Ink: Wearing Your Heart Under Your Sleeve

Tattoo - My cup overflows

Many people of faith choose to wear a cross around their necks.  It's a small but constant reminder--to the wearer and to all with whom he or she comes in contact--of an enduring commitment to Christ, and an intent to apply Scriptural wisdom in all of life's rigors and vagaries. But what about a tattoo? There's a kind of tattoo which screams of rebellion.  Satan and serpents and scorpions:  Those are motifs which threaten the viewer, effigies of evil.  These are reminiscent of the warning … [Read more...]

Arizona Prays, to Atheists’ Dismay

Jan Brewer, Robert Halliday, Jimmy Chavez, John Fairchild

The Arizona Court of Appeals has again rejected a legal challenge brought by the Freedom From Religion Foundation opposing the state's Day of Prayer.  The group had attempted to show that Governor Jan Brewer, by declaring the May 2 Day of Prayer, had violated the constitutional separation of church and state. The Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, which filed suit in March 2010, lacked legal standing because they have not proved that … [Read more...]