Don’t Forget the Fortnight for Religious Freedom!

Fortnight for Freedom

Catholics have long been staunch defenders of God-given religious liberty.  Today, such liberty is threatened in our country by government intrusion.  Both the federal and state governments have made attempts to inhibit – and even to make illegal – efforts by Catholics and Catholic institutions to operate according to their faith.The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for a second consecutive year has called on Catholics across the United States to observe a Fortnight for Religious Freedo … [Read more...]

Like a Good Fisherman Watching for Fish: Advice from St. Romuald

St. Romuald

St. Romuald, whose feast we celebrate today, died on June 19, 1027.  Monastic life in the eleventh century was difficult—but not difficult enough for Romuald.As a young man, he entered Sant’Apollinare in Classe, a traditional Benedictine community in Italy.  Then, as now, the Church faced corruption within its ranks—with some monks engaged in simony (charging for sacraments or for offices within the Church) and concubinage (an ongoing immoral relationship with a woman).  In Romuald’s mona … [Read more...]

With Second Miracle Approved, JPII Likely to Be Canonized October 20!

Pope John Paul II

The second miracle has been approved, and Blessed John Paul II is now one step closer to canonization.In the Catholic Church, “canonization” is the process of formally declaring a person of heroic virtue to be a saint.  Catholics believe that saints are already in heaven; and canonized saints can be venerated (regarded with reverential respect), and their lives held up to Christians here on earth as examples to be imitated.  Two documented miracles are required before a formal declaration of … [Read more...]