Obama’s Education Quip in Northern Ireland: Sensationalized? Or Unabashedly Manipulative?

Celtic cross

First of all, I want to say I’m sorry.Earlier this week, I published a blog post regarding President Obama’s comments in Northern Ireland, on the subject of Catholic education.  That post seems to have drawn ire from some quarters; and even among those who agreed, it elicited a raw emotion which burst forth in the combox.For the record:  I had relied on an early news report from the Scottish Catholic Observer.Speaking to a crowd of some 2,000 young people, Obama said that having Catho … [Read more...]

A Man for All Seasons: Sir Thomas More, Statesman, Martyr, and Devoted Father

During this Fortnight for Freedom, I reflect on one of the great saints whose commitment to the Church and to religious liberty is an inspiration to us today. *     *     *     * Sir Thomas More was a man with a bright future.  A successful statesman and a loving husband and father, More was Chancellor in the Court of King Henry VIII, one of the king’s most trusted ministers.But then came Anne Boleyn.At the time, King Henry was married to Catherine of Aragon—a marriage which Pope Clemen … [Read more...]