Texas Protects Women’s Health; Feminists Cry Foul – UPDATED

Sen Wendy Davis

In the state of Texas, the law has consistently protected men from unqualified medical practitioners, and from inadequate and unsanitary medical facilities.Women, not so much.A man seeking treatment at an ambulatory care center in Texas can be assured that the facility meets minimum standards—with medical clinics, for example, having ambulatory surgical facilities on site, and attending physicians having privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic, in case of emergency.But … [Read more...]

Peter’s Toes


In the Middle Ages, pilgrims who made the arduous trip to Rome to visit St. Peter’s Basilica gazed with fondness and awe upon a larger-than-life bronze statue of St. Peter.  The statue, sculpted by Arnolfo di Cambio in the 13th century, depicted the first pope—his right hand extended to confer a blessing, while his left hand clutched the keys of the Kingdom, holding them close to his heart.But for many pilgrims who snaked, single-file, into the great Basilica, it was Peter’s feet that captur … [Read more...]