Prayers for Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly

I heard this week that Matthew Kelly, popular Catholic speaker and best-selling author, is fighting cancer.Not wanting to spread an unconfirmed rumor, I checked with Matthew's organization,  Today I received confirmation--they've sent his most recent newsletter.  Matthew writes: Last Wednesday Meggie and I welcomed another beautiful boy into this world – Harold James Kelly. Little Harry is happy and healthy, and Meggie is doing quite well. We give thanks for the gift of … [Read more...]

Jesus and Mary, Hopi Style

Hopi Virgin and Chld

When I was young, my cousin served in the Armed Forces in Asia.  While there, he bought his parents a gift:  a painting of the Last Supper by a local artist.  Jesus and the twelve apostles were drawn from the perspective of the Asian painter—and all had the characteristic yellow skin, broad faces and almond eyes.Here in the United States, Father John Giuliani is an accomplished artist whose works depict Jesus and Mary in the style of the Hopi Tribe of northeastern Arizona.Asked why he por … [Read more...]