At First I Eschewed the Boycott Against Sam Adams. Now, Count Me In.

Sam Adams logo

OK.  There will be no more Sam Adams at my house.You may remember that last week I posted an article reporting that Samuel Adams, the Boston-based beer company, in its July 4 commercial had dropped any reference to the Creator from the Declaration of Independence.  Conservatives immediately began murmuring the word “boycott,” and the brewer offered a fairly lame excuse citing constraints imposed by the Beer Institute Advertising Code.I was un-persuaded by the company’s apology for their r … [Read more...]

The Vatican Has a YouTube Page!

Pope Francis - Meeting w Seminarians

I guess I sort of knew this--but until today, I had never found my way over to the Vatican's YouTube page.I was delighted to find the Pope's Masses, the Sunday Angelus addresses, and various other events and addresses.  These are not brief features, like the very helpful "RomeNotes" videos.  Some of these events are an hour, two hours, or longer.If you're a Rome watcher like I am, you'll want to check it out. … [Read more...]