Women’s Group Plans Major Protest at the White House on August 1—And You Can Help

Women Speak for Themselves

Do you remember when the HHS Mandate first made news across America?  Early news reports seemed to suggest that this, the issue of whether to provide free contraception and abortifacients, was an issue which divided men and women.  Opponents of the Mandate, according to the popular wisdom, were conservative, celibate churchmen who hated women and who didn’t understand or care about women’s needs.  Proponents, a group which included all women and some reasonable and caring men, were victims of cru … [Read more...]

Catholic Checkers! I Just Love This!

Checkers to Saints

This……just charmed my socks off. Poking around on the web, I stumbled upon this checker set.  Monica, a self-described wife, mom of 5+ kids, designer, architecture school survivor, author and crafter—runs the Arma Dei blog and develops creative teaching tools like this for her family.The “checkers” are custom-painted peg dolls, designed to look like the folks in Monica’s family and their favorite patron saints.  Monica suggests two ways to play:Mixed teams of family members a … [Read more...]