Fact-Checking the Crucified-Chicken Lady

Austrian artist Deborah Sengl has unveiled a new creation:  a crucified chicken.  The work will be on display in a deconsecrated church, now the city museum of Wiener Neustadt, in Lower Austria.  Since 1966 the late Gothic monastery church, which originated in 1444 as St. Peter on the Barrier Catholic Church, has been home to art exhibitions.

Don’t worry, though, Sengl says.  This new work is not intended to offend people of faith.  Rather, according to the artist, it is a criticism of cruelty to animals, a statement about the pain inflicted by butchers during food processing.

The Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Euroope, which was founded by Dr. Veronika  Gudrun Kugler in 2010, just isn’t buying it—and neither am I.

That’s because in reviewing the art on Sengl’s website, I found this:

And this:

Kugler began her career painting animals, sports, military and police; but later, especially since 2006, her art has reflected her contempt  for the Catholic Church, for the priesthood, and especially for Pope Benedict XVI.  Her early work titled “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” (2000) evolved  into the “Wolf Sheep” (2003), “Sheep Priest and Wolf Priest” (2006), to “Wolf Sheep Priest” (2008), and finally, the “Wolf Sheep Pope” (2011).  Also in 2011, in “Blessed Ignorant” (2011), Sengl shows Pope Benedict dressed as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, licking the floor with his menacing grimace.


You’ve Depended on Catholic Answers; Now, They’re Depending on You

It was circa 2001, I was working with Al Kresta, he was guest hosting on Catholic Answers Live—and it was my privilege to answer calls for the most popular nationally syndicated Catholic show on the airwaves.  Ten minutes before showtime, the phones lit up—ALL the lines—and it stayed that way for the duration of the two-hour show.  Within seconds after one call ended, the next hopeful caller would be on the line, waiting to pose a question for the show’s host and expert guest.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Catholic Answers?  That largest lay-run apostolate of Catholic apologetics and evangelization in the United States publishes a bi-monthly magazine, and produces a radio show (6:00-8:00 p.m. EST, 3:00-5:00 p.m. PST).  That show, Catholic Answers Live, features some of the most prominent men and women in the Catholic Church answering callers’ questions on a variety of topics.  I have benefitted greatly from their wise counsel; and I know of many who credit their conversion or their reversion to the Catholic faith to the deeper knowledge they’ve acquired, just by listening to their car radio.

That’s why I was deeply concerned to see the nonprofit organization’s urgent appeal for financial assistance at this time.  Already, they’ve had to lay off staff; and the remaining staff have accepted sizeable salary cuts in order to keep the apostolate operating.  Still, more is needed.

Take a few minutes to listen to this urgent appeal by senior apologist Jimmy Akin.

There is a great hunger for Truth.  If you are a Catholic Answers fan, as I am, please think about what you can do to help keep this vital apostolate alive.