Catholic Fisticuffs: Look How Those Christians Shove One Another


It’s been quite a belligerent weekend in the Catholic blogosphere, hasn’t it?First there was the Catholic Answers brouhaha, which was started in part by my post regarding the financial crisis looming at that great Catholic apologetics apostolate.Then there was Michael Voris, chest thumping, publishing the salaries of well known Catholic media personalities, then castigating them for earning wages which are commensurate with their professional achievement and marketplace value, and which a … [Read more...]

Great Mufti of Syria Joins Pope Francis in Praying for Peace on September 7

Ommayad Mosque in Damascus, Syria

The Great Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badreddin Hassou, would like to travel to Rome to attend Pope Francis’ prayer vigil in St. Peter’s Basilica on September 7.The spiritual leader of Sunni Islam in Syria was “deeply affected by the Pope’s appeal for peace in Syria” during last Sunday’s Angelus address, and sent a letter to the Apostolic Nuncio in Damascus, Mario Zenari, expressing his hope that he will be able to attend the vigil.According to Fides news agency, the Great Mufti said, "Eve … [Read more...]