“Touchdown Jesus” Is Coming Back–This Time As “Hug Me Jesus”! UPDATED

Hug Me Jesus - Monroe OH

Driving north along I-75, you couldn’t miss him:  Jesus, arms upstretched, praying to the Father.  The 62-foot-high, 40-foot-wide landmark—officially called “King of Kings” but affectionately dubbed “Touchdown Jesus” by local drivers—was erected in 2004 by Solid Rock Church, a 4,000-member evangelical church in Monroe, Ohio.  And for six years, the butter-colored statue was a silent witness to faith, a call to prayer.Then on June 15, 2010, during a fierce electrical storm, Touchdown Jesus was … [Read more...]

Govt. to Christians in Laos: You Believe? Then Leave.

Laos - god

Every day, I read horror stories about the deaths of Christians in the Middle East.  And of course, I’m familiar with threats to religious liberty here in the United States, such as the HHS Mandate.Until today, though, I hadn’t heard much about the very real persecution of Christians in the southeastern Asian nation of Laos.  In many regions of that small country, religious persecution continues despite Constitutional protections.   Minority Protestants, in particular, have been denied the ri … [Read more...]

The Pope and the President: Two Approaches to the G-20 Summit

Obama and Putin

As the G-20 Summit gets underway in St. Petersburg, things are tense between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin.The Russian president has warned that a U.S. military strike against Syria would be considered “an act of aggression” if the move was not first unanimously approved by the United Nations Security Council.  And just yesterday, Putin accused Secretary of State John Kerry of “lying” to Congress over al Qaeda’s involvement in the Syrian conflict.  According to Reuters, … [Read more...]