Biden, Foot, Mouth. Again.

Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden has been name-dropping—in a big way.Attending Democratic Senator Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry in Iowa this afternoon, he mentioned his good buddy “Tommy More, as we Catholics say.”That’s “St. Thomas More” to the rest of us.  Catholics over on Twitter didn’t think it was funny, and wasted no time in reminding him that No, we don’t say that. It goes on and on. Catholics on the Internet want to stop that rumor in its tracks: NO, we are not so cavali … [Read more...]

For Bonnie Prince George: A Unique Gift from Artist With Down’s Syndrome

Rupert flies over the suspension bridge

From the Huffington Post, a story so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.A “no gifts” policy just makes sense if you’re the Prince of England.  First, you’ve already got a ton of stuff; besides that, you’ve got a ton of fans.  There is no need, and there is no room for all the bawbles which your enthusiastic subjects would offer to your new baby, heir to the throne of England.So Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, don’t accept gifts for special occasion … [Read more...]

Reality Show Contestant Strips, Coca-Cola Stocks Plunge

Coca Cola

Fanatics.  Intolerant.That’s what the president of Coca-Cola Spain has called critics of a controversial reality show who have called for a boycott on his product until the company cancels their advertising for the show.Marcos De Quinto, CEO of the soft-drink giant’s Iberia Business Unit which sells its products in Spain and Portugal, has charged life and family defense groups of launching a “guerrilla style attack”.   In an outburst on Twitter, De Quinto raged: “May God spare us from gr … [Read more...]