Jon Stewart’s Tactless Little Joke About the Eucharist

Jon Stewart

“The Catholic Church,” said Jon Stewart, “is just an ordinary restaurant that only serves wafers.”And the Catholic League’s on it.On September 16 the popular political satirist, whose Daily Show appears on Comedy Central, did a report about Pope Francis and the Catholic Church.  He had only good things to say about the new pope; the Huffington Post, in fact, published the video under the headline “Jon Stewart LOVES Pope Francis”.But The Catholic League thought he should have stopped t … [Read more...]

The Secret Life of Catholic Girls

Catholic girls 2

Have you noticed something... uh... DIFFERENT about Catholic girls?If you overhear two Catholic girls chatting in the mall, do they chatter about boys and clothes and school?  Or do you hear unfamiliar words like "discerning" and "scapular" and "Holy Hour"?These young ladies are confident enough to enjoy a laugh over "Catholic talk." … [Read more...]