Hollywood Popefest: Chris Rock Calls Francis “the Greatest Man Alive”

Tweet - Chris Rock

The Pope is Catholic—and I have a feeling some folks are going to be REALLY disappointed when they figure that out.Last week, Twitchy.com pointed out that there are a whole lotta liberals who are just lovin’ on Pope Francis.  Political pundits, media elites, abortion advocates, Hollywood celebrities…. They’re lining up to play Praise the Pontiff, in the bold misconception that he’s going to change Church teaching regarding liberals’ sacred cows of abortion and homosexual marriage.  They’re he … [Read more...]

Detroit’s Archbishop Vigneron Marches for Life, Unpacks Pope Francis’ Statements

Prayer vigil for life

What a busy day!  On Saturday, September 21, Detroit’s Archbishop Allen Vigneron led anti-abortion protesters in the rosary and in Eucharistic benediction, praised them for their defense of life, and helped to clear up media misunderstandings regarding Pope Francis’ recent remarks on abortion and gay marriage. *     *     *     * The archbishop first celebrated Mass at 7:30 a.m. at Detroit’s Assumption Grotto church for the pro-life group Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.  There, he told about … [Read more...]

U.S. Department of Labor Hosts Same-Sex Wedding Under the Stars

Frances Perkins Building

The Frances Perkins Building, where the U.S. Department of Labor is headquartered, has a new distinction:  It is apparently the first Cabinet-level federal building to host a wedding of a same-sex couple.Paul Bedard, writing in the Washington Examiner, reported that the Labor Department’s rooftop deck at the base of Capitol Hill was the setting September 18 for a wedding between a regional solicitor and his longtime partner.  The reception which followed was held in a conference room in the f … [Read more...]