Abortionist Gosnell Blames “Catholic Presence” For His Conviction


Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist whose filthy, blood-spattered clinic has been dubbed a “house of horrors”, blames “a Catholic presence” for his conviction.The district attorney’s long involvement with the Catholic Church, according to Gosnell, created an atmosphere of religious bias in the courtroom.  In Gosnell’s mind it was that “atmosphere”, not his illegal actions, which resulted in his convictions for first-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, and performing illegal late-term abortio … [Read more...]

No Relief for the Poor, As Donation Bins With Warm Winter Clothing Are Stolen

clothing bins disappear

When cold winds blow, the St. Vincent DePaul Society offers needed help to the poor, the unemployed and their families—providing cozy coats and jackets, boots, mittens and scarves to stave off the winter chill.But in the Detroit area this year, there’s not so much warm winter clothing on hand for those in need.  That’s because dozens of donation bins which stand in shopping centers and along busy thoroughfares have been disappearing.Bill Brazier, executive director of the St. Vincent DePa … [Read more...]

Pepsi Honors Christian Musicians on Soda Cans

Pepsi collectors cans

Check this out:Available for collectors, four collector’s cans from Pepsi featuring contemporary Christian musicians.  Catholic fan favorite Matt Maher is featured on Dr. Pepper.   Matthew West is on the Pepsi can, Francesca Battistelli  is on Diet Pepsi, and TobyMac appears on cans of Mountain Dew.  Each of the limited edition cans also has a link to a free download from the featured artist.Pepsi collector’s cans—which can bring hundreds or even thousands of dollars on auction websites … [Read more...]