Archbishop of Canterbury: “Do Like the Catholics, Go to Confession”

Archbishop Welby and Pope Francis meet for the first time, June 14, 2013

The Most Rev Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, has a recommendation to Anglicans:  Go to confession.Addressing the heads of other churches—including the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Most Rev. Vincent Nichols—Archbishop Welby admitted that confessing one’s weaknesses to someone else might not be a “bunch of laughs,” still he believes that unburdening oneself to a confessor is good for the soul.“It is enormously powerful and hideously painful when it’s done properly,” he … [Read more...]

Is It Rude to Tell an Atheist He’s Wrong?

Atheism billboard

This week a sparkling new digital billboard went live on Times Square.   On the corner of 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, the large sign features white letters on a blue background reading:The animated billboard in Times Square joins several low-tech stationary versions in New York and San Francisco funded by Ken Ham, the founder, CEO and President of the creationist organization Answers in Genesis.  Ham’s organization, which teaches young-earth theory and disputes evolution, also funded con … [Read more...]