Oh My Gosh! A Second American Bishop Has Contracted Hepatitis A!

Bishop Strickland

Earlier today, I reported that Fargo’s new bishop, Bishop  John T. Folda, had contracted Hepatitis A while attending the recent Bishops’ School in Rome, and had unknowingly exposed worshippers at four churches to the virus.It turns out that Bishop Folda isn’t the only new bishop to contract the virus.  A statement released this evening from the Diocese of Tyler reports that their ordinary, Bishop Joseph E. Strickland, has also been diagnosed with Hepatitis A.  Bishop Strickland, who was ordai … [Read more...]

Priest = Toilet? Professor’s Crude Analogy Draws Fire from Catholics – UPDATED

Clerical collar

A college professor holds up a picture showing a priest holding a crucifix on one side, and a toilet on the other side.  Between the two images is an equal sign.“What does this mean?” he asks his audience.Someone quickly yells, “They’re both full of shit!”The audience laughs; and the professor gleefully strolls around the classroom, repeating the refrain. *     *     *     *Does this bother you?  Well, it bothers the Catholic League; and it bothers me.I’m bothered o … [Read more...]

Bishop of Fargo, ND May Have Unwittingly Exposed His Flock to Hepatitis A

Bishop Folda

The North Dakota Department of Health has issued a warning that people who attended any of four Catholic churches and received communion on specific dates may have been exposed to the Hepatitis A virus.The four churches listed in the Health Department warning are:Holy Spirit Church, Fargo, school mass on September 27. Cathedral of St. Mary, Fargo, noon mass on October 6. St. Paul’s Catholic Newman Center, Fargo, mass on October 7. St. James Basilica, Jamestown, priest convention f … [Read more...]