TIME Magazine Expert: “You Should Be ‘A Little Bit Worried’ About That Falling Satellite”


Here we go again. In September 2011, NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), which was launched in 1993 to study climate conditions, was falling to earth.  It was expected to be, by NASA’s own admission, “the largest uncontrolled re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere” in more than 30 years.In the excitement, I penned a Prayer for Just in Case a Satellite Lands on Your Head.  It was a pretty smooth prayer, I thought, helping to put one in the proper mindset for cataclysmic destr … [Read more...]

Peoria Bishop in a Wild West Shootout!

Bishop Jenky (left) in a "shoot out" on the set for the Wyatt Earp movie

Continuing on the theme of “Church leaders are regular people, too”….I love Bishop Daniel Jenky.  As bishop of Peoria since 2002, he’s been a wise, good-natured leader and an excellent homilist.  He also serves as a Fellow and Trustee of the University of  Notre Dame.Bishop Jenky just posted this amusing picture on Twitter.  “Just 4 fun,” he tweets, “here is a picture of me in a shoot out as I was asked to bless the set for the Wyatt Earp movie.”I assume he’s referring to the 1994 … [Read more...]