How Does the Vatican Know That Those Old Bones Are the Relics of St. Peter?

St. Peter's tomb, beneath the great papal altar in St. Peter's Basilica

The Vatican has just announced plans for an unprecedented exhibit:  For the first time ever, to mark the end of the Year of Faith, relics of St. Peter will be put on display for public veneration.The exhibit was announced in L'Osservatore Romano by Archbishop Rino Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization.  Archbishop Fisichella said that the veneration of the relics at the Vatican is a fitting way to conclude the Year of Faith November 24.  Millions of … [Read more...]

Sunday Reminiscing: Sister Clarissa and the Baltimore Catechism

Michael Smith

I admit it:  I'm a sucker for some good folk music.  And on my short list of favorites is Chicago-based singer-songwriter Michael Smith.As a child, Smith attended Catholic schools (Our Lady of the Valley and Our Lady of Sorrows), and the values-based education he received there colors his writing even today. An example of that: His sentimental ballad, Sister Clarissa.If you are a product of Catholic schools... if you love nuns... if you have a sentimental fondness for the '50s... … [Read more...]