John Paul I, the “September Pope”, Speaks on Love

Pope John Paul I

Pope John Paul I was head of the Catholic Church for only one month:  from August 26, 1978 until his sudden death 33 days later, on September 28.  Italians call him “the Smiling Pope” (“Il Papa del Sorriso”).  Time Magazine called him “The September Pope.”He took his name as an homage to the two popes before him:  Pope John XXIII, and Pope Paul VI.In his last papal address before his unexpected death, Pope John Paul I spoke in English.  His message was about love. … [Read more...]

U.S. to Downscale Its Vatican Embassy, Raising Concern Among Catholics—Including Five Former Ambassadors


The United States is scaling back its diplomatic mission at the Vatican—making plans to close its Vatican Embassy headquarters, and instead conduct its operations in a smaller building within the walls of the U.S. Embassy to Italy.The Obama Administration cites “security concerns” following the attack in Benghazi, and claims that they can better protect embassy staff in a consolidated compound.  According to government authorities, once construction is completed in 2015, the Vatican Embassy w … [Read more...]