Sex, Lies, Murder, Intimidation, Drugs, a Defrocked Priest: This Case Has It All

Scales of Justice

The following may be the worst story I've ever reported.  After writing this, I think I'll need a shower.  *     *     *     *     * Ten years ago, defrocked priest Joseph Pilger was brutally murdered, beaten to death in his home by an intruder with a pickaxe.Until now, this is how the story’s been told: Pilger was a former priest who had a history of sexual abuse of children.  He had pled guilty in the 1960s and then had received treatment at a clinic which treated pedophiles.  Effort … [Read more...]

A Litany for Old St. Josaphat

St. Josaphat - steeple

A sad update to my November 18 post regarding the spire atop Detroit’s historic St. Josaphat Church, which sustained major damage in last week’s windstorms.Things aren’t looking good for the iconic 112-year-old steeple, which will likely have to be removed permanently.  The steeple was seen swaying in the wind during the storm.  It now has missing shingles, certainly, but also appears to be listing, and the large golden cross at the top appears to be cracked.Although no one has said this … [Read more...]

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Therese of Lisieux Could Sew!

Chasuble made by St. Therese

Three-year-old Thérèse sat at her mother’s feet, watching as her mother quickly moved the bobbins and pins on the small pillow.  Only when she was older would Thérèse realize that her mother was the finest lacemaker in all of Alençon, and that Alençon, France was where the finest lace in the world was created.     *     *     *     *     * I’m telling you a story I recall from my own childhood.  I was perhaps five or six when I received a children’s book about St. Thérèse the Little Flower; and … [Read more...]