A New Jesuit Saint Before Christmas

Blessed Peter Faber, S.J.

Any day now, Pope Francis is expected to issue a papal bull decreeing that Peter Faber, companion of St. Ignatius and co-founder of the Society of Jesus, is a saint.  No date for the canonization has been announced; but it is predicted that it will occur before Christmas.The process for the canonization, according to the Italian Catholic newspaper Avvenire, will be what is called “equivalent canonization”—that is, a canonization when the Pope omits the customary judicial process and cerem … [Read more...]

The Atheists’ Christmas Billboard: Just Plain Rude

Mary and Jesus

Y’know, this is really getting tiresome. The American Atheists are once again spitting at the Christians, as our high holy day nears.  Not content to simply roll over in bed on Christmas morning, snagging a few more minutes of sleep that church-attending Christians don’t have time to enjoy, they have to hurl stones at their believing neighbors.American Atheists, the activist group which posts controversial messages at every opportunity on billboards across the nation, has just unveiled it … [Read more...]

Vatican Apartment Up for Grabs?

Via Nicolo - bed and breakfast

I first saw this ad over on Connecticut Catholic Corner:A Vatican apartment for rent on Craig’s List!  Wait…. What?In my mind, I saw it:  that unused papal apartment in the Apostolic Palace.  Remember how, when Pope Benedict left for the last time and flew by helicopter to Castel Gandolfo, the Swiss Guards came along and applied a heavy wax seal to the door?  The apartment would remain vacant until the next Pope was elected….Well, Pope Francis has never moved in.  The furniture mu … [Read more...]