The Sledgehammer Blessing

Sledgehammer blessing

Protestors in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, toppled the city’s statue of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin on Sunday and then pounded it into chips with a sledgehammer.According to reports, some 500,000 protestors gathered in Independence Square to protest President Viktor Yanukovych’s refusal to sign trade and political agreements with the European Union.What really caught my attention, though, is this:  Before the cathartic destruction of the statue, the sledgehammer used in the prot … [Read more...]

Bishop Tobin Says Just the Right Thing About Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first black president and anti-apartheid icon, has died.In many ways, he was truly a hero.  He was imprisoned in South Africa for 27 years; yet he felt no malice and spent his remaining years endeavoring to bring about positive societal change.  He was a major force in ending apartheid in South Africa.And yet, there is another side:  Nelson Mandela supported and implemented his nation's most liberal abortion policy, making abortion for any reason legal up to … [Read more...]

The Most Post-Christian Cities

Societal collapse 2

Chances are that if you’re a sincere Christian, you are occasionally discouraged by the apparent downward spiral of American culture.  From abortion to embryonic stem cell research, from random promiscuity to casual hook-ups to same-sex marriage, from twerking to offensive TV network programming….there is evidence that our society has reduced its standards and widened the range of behaviors it is willing to tolerate.And religion (or the lack thereof) plays an important role in fostering self- … [Read more...]