The World Has Finally Ended for Soothsayer Harold Camping

Harold Camping w Bible

For Harold Camping, the world has finally come to an end.  At least, for him.Harold Camping was the fundamentalist minister and radio broadcaster who first predicted that the world would end in 1994.  Seventeen years later, he took to the airwaves on Camping's own Family Life Radio to proclaim that the world would end on May 21, 2011.  When that didn’t happen, he revised his math and changed the date to October 21.  And when that date also passed without incident, Camping admitted he’d been w … [Read more...]

For the Pope’s Birthday, Vatican Releases a Photo Album!

Pope Francis - photo album

Just in time for Pope Francis' birthday, the Vatican Internet Office created this special photo album. Click here to see the entire 32-page album, featuring some of L'Osservatore Romano's best shots of the Holy Father at prayer, with children, waving to crowds.... in short, doing what he does every day. Happy Birthday, Papa Francesco! … [Read more...]

Film Promoter Spends Entire $25,000 Marketing Budget to Help the Philippines

Casey Neistat

When 20th Century Fox approached independent filmmaker Casey Neistat, asking him to help in promoting Ben Stiller’s new movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Neistat made a bold proposal.“You give me your money,” he responded, “and I’ll go spend every penny of it to help the folks in the Philippines whose lives are in upheaval after the worst Typhoon in recorded history.”To their credit, 20th Century Fox bought it.  They gave $25,000 to Neistat, and he and his friend took off for the Phi … [Read more...]