A Scary Merry Christmas!

Christmas Horror Film

A one-minute horror film, to put you in the Christmas spirit.Be sure to watch it to the end.  … [Read more...]

Sad Update: The Man Who Set Himself Afire in St. Peter’s Square Has Died

The scene in St. Peter's Square on December 19, after police extinguished the fire which caused third degree burns to an Italian man

A sad ending to the story I posted last week, about the Italian husband and father who had set himself on fire at 8:30 in the morning December 19 in St. Peter’s Square.MSN New Zealand now reports that the man has died of his injuries.  Despite the best efforts of the medical team at Sant’Eugenio hospital, the man—who had suffered third-degree burns over his upper body before a Jesuit priest and two public security officers were able to extinguish the flames—died on Sunday, December 22.T … [Read more...]

C.S. Lewis Rebuts an Atheist Philosopher In a Doodle

Religion and Science Doodle

Religion and Science:  Are the two incompatible?Are the rules of science inviolable?Here, a creative analysis by C.S. Lewis Doodle.  This is best viewed in high resolution, so maximize on your screen for full effect.  … [Read more...]