British Priest’s Antique Store Find Turns Out to Be a Van Dyck Masterpiece

Magistrate of Brussells - restored

Fr. Jamie McLeod wanted to brighten up a retreat home run by his church in Derbyshire, England; so twelve years ago, when he found an oil portrait at a local antique shop, he bought it and hung it on the center’s wall.Some years passed.  Only once did the painting leave its spot, when it crashed to the ground—destroying a CD player on the way, but none the worse for wear.A few years ago, though, Father McLeod decided to sell the painting and use the money to purchase new bells for his chu … [Read more...]

Holland’s 9-Year-Old Diva Sings the “Ave Maria”


Nine-year-old Amira Willighagen became an Internet sensation in October 2013, when her rendition of Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino Caro” (“O My Beloved Father”) captivated the audience at a live broadcast of “Holland’s Got Talent.”The little girl from Nijmegen decided to sing after her brother took violin lessons.  She told the judges, "My brother Vincent plays violin, and I also wanted to do something... So I thought, I'm going to sing… and then I heard opera songs, which I found very beautiful an … [Read more...]