Guangbiao Chen Wants You to Know How Great He Is

Chen at press conference

Pride, said Saint Thomas, is the queen of all vices.  The saint understood Pride to be that frame of mind in which a man, through the love of his own worth, aims to withdraw himself from subjection to Almighty God, and disregards the commands of his superiors.  It is a kind of contempt for God, and for those whom he has placed above us.  It is mortally sinful.I mention this to introduce eccentric Chinese multimillionaire Guangbiao Chen.  You may have heard of him recently:  Chen, whose net wo … [Read more...]

A Burgeoning Market for Papal Kitsch


Hoodies, t-shirts, aprons—even doggie apparel.In the wake of the “Pope Francis Effect”, all of these items and more are now available in special Pope Francis editions.Britain’s Catholic Herald reports that since the election of Pope Francis, sales are up 20% for papal gear:  clothing, key rings, tea lights, and various papal paraphernalia.  And indeed, Catholics With Attitude, a custom printery which offers t-shirts in the U.K. and right here in the United States, has a large assortment o … [Read more...]

“You Have Suffered Much”: Legionaries of Christ Start a New Chapter

Legionaries of Christ

 Finally, after scandals and controversies plagued the Legionaries of Christ necessitating an apostolic visitation, the order is moving on with a revitalized charism of service.After a three and a half year review, the Legionaries will this week appoint a new government and approve new constitutions which will govern the organization into the future.  On January 8, the Extraordinary General Chapter began with a Mass at the Legion’s Centre for Higher Studies in Rome.  Preceding the Ma … [Read more...]