Earthlings Clamor for One-Way Ticket to Mars

Mars One colony

More than 200,000 Earthling adventurers from 140 countries have applied for a one-way ticket to the Red Planet.But they won’t all get to go.  This month Mars One, the visionary firm which plans to establish a human settlement on Martian soil, has narrowed the field of selected applicants to 1,058.  The list will be further pared until only about 40 remain by the time the first quartet of adventurers is launched into space in 2023.Mars One is a nonprofit with an ambitious goal.  The priv … [Read more...]

Faith With Legs: Father Cormier’s Book Offers Hope and Help for the Hurting Heart

Better Than We Believed

I just finished reading one of the most practical, helpful guides to the spiritual life for ordinary folks.  It made me think of a special place, a unique bookstore in my community called Faith@Work.  More than simply a bookstore, Faith@Work is a wonderful place where head knowledge about the Catholic faith is integrated with social action, with charitable giving, with volunteer work.  Proceeds from the shop’s book sales benefit charitable causes such as a home for expectant mothers.  In short, t … [Read more...]