“Sometimes Things Are Not As They Seem” – Bishop Finn on Jahi McMath

Bishop Robert A. Finn

So many words have been written about Jahi McMath, the 13-year-old California girl who was declared brain-dead after she suffered complications following a tonsillectomy.  Jahi's parents didn't believe that and wanted her kept on life support.  This week, Jahi has finally been transferred from Children's Hospital Oakland to a Catholic care facility where she has received a feeding tube and a tracheal tube to replace the ventilator which has kept her alive since December 9.Today Bishop R … [Read more...]

Do Not Get Married in the Penguin Exhibit

Penguin wedding

I saw this photo trending over on Reddit:  A happy couple beginning their life together surrounded by.... penguins.And it got me thinking about some of the other possibilities for wedding locales.I mean, you can marry on a roller coaster.......or on a glacier...You can vow to love, honor and cherish while standing in a cave...Or you can celebrate your love by marrying on a pirate ship...If you're a runner, you can celebrate your new life together and get … [Read more...]