Vatican, Disgusted (As Am I) by Obscenities, Considered Closing Its Twitter Account


"We didn't think some reactions would be so tough."Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, prefect of the Pontifical Council on Social Communications, told Italian media that the Vatican considered temporarily closing the papal Twitter account because of a barrage of vulgarity.The Vatican had expected insults, he explained Tuesday, when they opened the papal account @Pontifex in December 2012.  However, the rude and crude posts which came from around the world were a shock to Vatican … [Read more...]

It’s a Bird…. It’s a Plane…. It’s SUPER POPE!


His fisted hand stretching toward the sky, his white cape blowing in the Roman winds, his black leather bag of values in his hand, SuperPope flies off through the streets of Rome, carrying his message of hope.Yesterday, it was the cover of Rolling Stone.  Today, Pope Francis has been depicted yet again--this time in graffiti on a wall along the Borgo Pio, near Castel Sant'Angelo.  In the street art, Pope Francis is depicted as a hero, cross swinging around his neck, with a simple black v … [Read more...]