What If Emilia Kaczorowska Had Aborted Her Child?

Emilia and Karol Wojtyla at their wedding

 Emilia Kaczorowska was pregnant, but she was ill—so ill, in fact, that her doctor encouraged her to have an abortion, to give up the baby she was carrying rather than risk her own life. With a husband in military service, wouldn't it be more important to care for herself?But Emilia said no. She had already lost one child, a daughter named Olga, in childbirth. Despite her physician's urging, she continued the pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby boy on May 18, 1920. Only n … [Read more...]

HOW DID WE GET HERE? Bill Nye’s Scientism vs. Ken Ham’s Creationism Face Off Tonight in Sold-Out Debate

Creationism - Debate Ticket

Bill Nye The Science Guy and Ken Ham, Creation Man, will face off in a debate this evening that's garnered a lot of attention on the Internet and in local communities.Tickets for the debate in the 800-seat auditorium at the Creation Museum in Kentucky sold out within twenty minutes after they went on sale yesterday.  The debate will air at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time on NBCNews.com and MSNBC.com, or via debatelive.org.  And some folks I know are gathering at local churches to watch on a big s … [Read more...]