Pope Francis Says Hello to Chocolate Selfie

Pope Francis in chocolate

All right, no Pope-sickle jokes, you hear?At an audience on Wednesday, February 5, Pope Francis was introduced to a life-size sculpture of himself, carved from a 1.5-ton block of dark chocolate.The tasty Pope Francis is the work of chocolate artist Mirco Della Vecchia, an instructor at Rome's Accademia de Maestri Cioccolatieri.   Della Vecchia and his 20 students worked for a full month to create the chocolate pontiff, using dark  chocolate from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.The aw … [Read more...]

Fr. Timothy Radcliffe Narrowly Escapes Angry Mob in Algeria

Fr. Timothy Radcliffe

Father Timothy Radcliffe, O.P., a leading English Dominican theologian and former master general of the Dominican order, narrowly escaped capture by an angry mob--being rescued at the last minute by the skilled driving of the local bishop.The Catholic Herald reports this morning that Father Radcliffe, visiting Algeria to participate in  a year-long period of reflection on the Church’s future in the North African nation, found himself in a dangerous situation.  The priest was in a car being dr … [Read more...]

Pope Francis Pops In at St. Martha Dispensary

Pope Francis visits St Martha Dispensary

December 15, 2013 was Bambinelli Sunday--Remember that?  That was the day on which children from Rome and environs brought the Infant Jesus from their family creche to St. Peter's Square to be blessed by Pope Francis.  I told that story at the time.But that's not all the Holy Father did that weekend.  He also stopped in on Saturday, December 14  for a visit at St. Martha's Dispensary at the Vatican.  The maternal and pediatric clinic there serves mainly immigrants.I just ran across this p … [Read more...]